Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's been a long time Coming!!!!!...Duke gets the ol' Tiger Stomp at LittleJohn

I know it's been a while but after the the past few week it is time for ACC Ballers to come back. First, lets start off by discussing the massacre at Littlejohn last night. The 10th ranked Tigers of Clemson, for the first time in 22 attempts, defeated the third ranked Duke Blue Devils 74-47. But, this wasn't just a win, this was a hide the women and children stomp out. There were lots of yelling (mainly Clemson players and fans), crying (mainly Duke players and coaches), and silence from the announcers (unfortunately they are Duke fans as well). This game was a track meet from the jump ball on. Clemson got out running and never stopped. I honestly felt bad for Duke because there was nothing they could do. Oliver Purnell had everybody at Littlejohn ready for this game (apparently he even had the student assistants running sprints when they made mistakes in practice) and man were they ever. There was a stretch in the second half where it seemed as though Clemson would simply block a shot at on one end, and dunk on the other. And they yelled every time they did either.

First half demolishing.....

Second half.....

Click for the box score

After a wild few weeks of ACC basketball. Here is a look at the updated Standings.

1. North Carolina (20-2, 6-2)
2. Duke (19-3, 6-2)
3. Clemson (19-2, 5-2)
4. Boston College (18-6, 6-3)
5. Wake Forest (17-3, 4-3)
6. Virginia Tech (14-7, 4-3)
7. Florida State (16-5, 3-3)
8. Miami (15-7, 4-5)
9. Maryland (14-8, 3-5)
10. NC State (12-8, 2-5)
11. Georgia Tech (10-10, 1-6)
12. Virginia (7-11, 1-6)

ACC Ballers' Performance of the Week....

Has to go to UNC's junior two guard Wayne Ellington. On Tuesday against Maryland, the former McDonald's All American went for 34 point on 12-15 shooting from the field (7-9 three pointers) and 9 rebounds in Carolina's 108-91 rout of the Terps.

ACC Ballers' Dunk of the Week...

Has to go to my dude Trevor Booker down in Clemson, SC. This was just raw (Clearly you get points from ACC Ballers' for yelling after a dunk. We believe in hype here).

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