Monday, December 8, 2008


Basically, exam week is synonymous with no games week. There isn't really much to look forward to in terms of great games to watch. But, since the players are spending a good bit of their time answering questions we at ACC Ballers will do the same.

ACC Ballers Predictions:

ACC Standings:
  1. North Carolina
  2. Duke
  3. Wake Forest
  4. Miami
  5. Maryland
  6. Clemson
  7. Virginia Tech
  8. Florida State
  9. Georgia Tech
  10. North Carolina State
  11. Virginia
  12. Boston College

1st team All-ACC:

Tywon Lawson, junior, UNC (click)
Jack McClinton, senior, Miami (click)
Greivis Vasquez, junior, MD (click)
Tyler Hansbrough, senior, UNC (click)
Kyle Singler, sophomore, Duke (click)

2nd team All-ACC:

Tyrese Rice, senior, BC (click)
Wayne Ellington, junior, UNC (click)
Gerald Henderson, junior, Duke (click)
James Johnson, sophomore, Wake Forest (click)
Trevor Booker, junior, Clemson (click)

3rd team All-ACC:

Toney Douglas, senior, Florida State (click)
Jeff Teague, sophomore, Wake Forest (click)
A.D. Vassallo, senior, Virgina Tech (click)
Danny Green, senior, UNC (click)
Deon Thompson, junior, UNC (click)

Honorable Mention:
Jeff Allen, sophomore, Virginia Tech (click); Gani Lawal, sophomore, Georgia Tech (click); John Scheyer, junior, Duke (click); K.C. Rivers, senior, Clemson (click) ; Dwayne Collins, junior, Miami (click)

ACC Ballers Dunk of the Week:

Duke freshman Elliott Williams goes on spin cycle....

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