Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who is the best dunker in the ACC?

Before I get to the crux of this post I wanted to acknowledge that the people have spoken and they believe Sean Singletary will be the 2007-2008 ACC Men's basketball player of the year. I believe that a lot of Virginia fans check out this blog. Regardless, I hope they're right. Singletary is definitely my favorite ACC player to watch and if you haven't figured out already I'm a Cavalier fan, through and through.

Each week I try to write something that will offer some foresight as to how the league championship will be decided. Might give you stats, might offer opinions on certain players, and maybe I'll give you my analysis on certain games. Not this week. This week we focus on something we've neglected for far too long. The question has subconsciously been on my mind all week as I've scoured youtube for dunks....While I haven't found anyone who can do this like UCLA's Russell Westbrook,

I found some plays that will definitely make you turn your head. My job: To show you as many dunks as I can this week. Your job: Watch as many dunks as you can and vote who you think is the best ACC dunker.

1. Courtney Fells, Jr, NC State - This might be my favorite one. One of those "I gotta get to the rim quickly and you're in my way" dunks.

2. Deron Washington, Sr, Virginia Tech - Not a game, not a game, not a game. We talkin' about practice.

3. Danny Green, Jr, UNC

4. Gerald Henderson, So, Duke

5. Courtney Fells, Jr, NC State

6. James Gist, Sr, Maryland

7. Deron Washington, Sr, Virginia Tech - Again.

8. Isaiah Swann, Sr, FSU

9. Wayne Ellington, So, UNC

10. Courtney Fells, Jr, NC State

11. Demarcus Nelson, Sr, Duke

12. James Gist, Sr, Maryland

13. Deron Washington, Sr, Virginia Tech (there's plenty of his dunks on youtube).

14. James Mays, Sr, Clemson

15. Gerald Henderson, So, Duke - If you're not in the mood for an over exaggerated Duke moment I suggest you turn the volume down for this. The Duke announcers are at 'their best.'

16. Dwayne Collins, So, Miami

17. Wayne Ellington, So, UNC - It didn't count but this was pretty sick.

18. Tyler Hansbrough, Jr, UNC - The guy he dunked on is 7'8 Kenny George of North Carolina Asheville.

In case you were wondering about what's actually going on in the league aside from dunks there are a host of games for you to check out. Virginia goes to #7 Duke tonight, Maryland goes to #1 UNC on Saturday, and #19 Clemson travels to #7 Duke on Saturday as well. This is an important week for teams like Georgia Tech, Florida State, and Maryland as each has gotten of to a rocky start and need a strong conference season to even be considered for the NCAA tournament.....Ok. Now that we've gotten that out of the we can get back to our first topic. Remember that these are only the first set of dunks for the week. I'll continue to put up more and more dunks all week. Don't forget to vote!

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